Video Tutorial: How To Cover Your Lupus Malar Rash With Makeup

video tutorial of how to hide a lupus butterfly rash
How To Hide Your Lupus Butterfly Rash with Makeup Video Tutorial

I’m so excited to bring you this post today.  I know it’s not really about paleo.  But, for those of you with lupus or vitiligo, I think you’ll be able to appreciate this post.

My malar or butterfly rash was the symptom that finally solidified my lupus diagnosis for my doctor.  She was slowly eliminating different autoimmune  diseases until the day I walked into her office with my butterfly rash.  It was a great day for her.  It was a nightmare for me.

Many of us are devastated when we break out with our malar rashes.  Most of our symptoms can’t be seen. This rash is like a red neon sign, telling everyone about our disease.  This can send us into depression, which makes our symptoms worse.

Then, add vitiligo to the mix.  Basically, vitiligo eats away at the melanin in someone’s skin.  It never does it in a smooth way either.  It leaves white blotches all over your skin.  Mine began on my arm when I was about four years old.  It now covers my face.  Where I once had a lovely olive complexion, I now have a blotchy porcelain and olive mix.

Well, luckily, I am a licensed cosmetologist.  I experimented with different cosmetics and techniques until I found the perfect combination to hide my butterfly rash and vitiligo.

Now, I want to share this video tutorial with you!  Check out the video.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  I’m happy to help any way I can.

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