The Paleo Approach Dinner Club Review

Ever wanted to connect with other locals in the AIP community? Why not start an AIP dinner club? It’s so easy to do! In her latest ebook, The Paleo Approach Dinner Club, Sarah Ballantyne, The Paleo Mom, shows exactly how to find other AIPers in your area and design a fun dinner club, where you can meet, chat, and even play fun games.

the paleo approach dinner club by dr sarah ballantyne
The Paleo Approach Dinner Club by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne


Together, with many of the finest AIP bloggers, Sarah Ballantyne has created The Paleo Approach Dinner Club with tons of delicious recipes to please every palate. So, even if you’re an introvert like me, you can still enjoy this wonderful ebook. Heck, I just got it for the recipes! The lineup of contributors include some of my favorite AIP bloggers; Kat Cline of The Primordial Table, Kate Jay of Healing Family Eats, Jamie Hartman of Gutsy by Nature, Dorah Siah of Provincial Paleo, Alaena Haber of Grazed and Enthused, Christina Feindel of A Clean Plate, and more.

recipes from the paleo approach dinner club
Recipes from The Paleo Approach Dinner Club


However, if you would like more company at your AIP feast, The Paleo Approach Dinner Club, can help you put the perfect dining party together. With twelve weeks of full AIP menus, which include salads, appetizers, entrees, sides, desserts, and drinks, you will be able to serve filling meals to all of your guests. Have children attending? There are kiddie friendly recipes and games, too! Plus, you get two bonus menus, Barbecue Meal and Thanksgiving Meal. Yes, that’s right, a full AIP Thanksgiving menu!

menu plans in the paleo approach dinner club
Menu Plans in The Paleo Approach Dinner Club

If you’re new to the AIP, or have been thinking of starting, this ebook could be just the help you’re looking for. The Paleo Approach Dinner Club gives you a peek into exactly what you should be eating to follow The Paleo Approach. You get Sarah Ballantyne’s expert knowledge on autoimmune disease, foods to eat and avoid, where to source your foods (with links), and how to avoid cross-contamination.

Because I like to show y’all what the recipes  from The Paleo Approach Dinner Club look like after they’re cooked, I made two of them.

I first made “Cheesy” Beef and Broccoli Casserole by Samantha McClellan of Sweet Potatoes and Social Change. I love a good casserole! This one did not disappoint! I even had some the next day; and, it tasted even better. This casserole was creamy, filling and absolutely delicious.

cheesy beef and broccoli casserole by gutsy by nature
“Cheesy” Beef and Broccoli Casserole by Gutsy By Nature

The second recipe I made was Individual Banana Coconut Cream Pies by Jamie Hartman of Gutsy By Nature. Oh my gosh, these were amazing! I ate every single one of them myself! I don’t suggest you do that; but, I’m not sorry I did it. These little pies are soooooo tasty….and cute!

banana coconut cream pies by gutsy by nature
Individual Banana Coconut Cream Pies by Gutsy By Nature


There are so many recipes that look appealing, I’ll be busy cooking from The Paleo Approach Dinner Club for quite a while. You can click on the photo below to get your copy.

Buy Now!
Buy Now!


Have fun creating your AIP dinner club! Whether it’s a club of one or ten, I know you’ll love this ebook for many meals to come.

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