The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook Virtual Book Tour with Angie Alt- Review & Giveaway

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I’d like to give a big welcome to Angie Alt, blogger behind Alt-ternative Autoimmune, and now author of the amazing The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook!  Just like the uniqueness of her cookbook, this book tour is a new concept, conjured up by Angie herself.  If you’ve read my post on the last book tour I visited, you know how happy I am that I don’t have to travel far to get to this one.  For my part of the tour, I’d like to share my review of The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook.  Angie would also like to host a giveaway of one copy of her ebook to my readers.  I thought that was a smashing idea!

the alternative autoimmune cookbook book tour
The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook Virtual Book Tour with Angie Alt

In preparation of my review, I cooked four dishes from The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook.  I’ll be featuring photos throughout this post.  I can’t be held responsible for feelings of hunger or drooling on your electronics.  I’m warning you in advance!

The first thing I’d like to say about Angie’s book is that it’s a much needed resource for the AIP community.  It seems that far too many paleo bloggers are trying to jump on the AIP bandwagon, without having a proper understanding of the AIP concept.  There is no fear of that with The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook.  Angie shares her own story and insights from dealing with her own Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome (MAS).  She speaks from the experience of managing her multiple autoimmune diseases with the AIP by following Sarah Ballantyne’s The Paleo Approach.  Her experiences are peppered with her quick wit and “tell it like it is” style.  You have got to read her Butt Manifesto.  It is hilarious; and, a great reminder of how we all need to practice self love.

In The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook, Angie supplies you with a 5 week plan to transition into the AIP.  It is a very easy to follow guide for starting the AIP.  For those of you who may be reluctant to get started because of the difficulty, you will benefit from knowing exactly how to move from your diet now to one of healing and restoration.

Now, for those of you ready to begin reintroductions, Angie once again has you covered.  She explains the entire reintroduction process in precise detail.  In fact, you will even know how to tell if you are truly ready for reintros.  The biggest mistake I ever made was thinking I was ready for reintroductions, when I really wasn’t.  If I had had The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook, I would have known I wasn’t ready.  That would have saved me a flare and the time it took to recover from it.  That, in itself, makes this book priceless.

So, as you can see, The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook offers so much more than just a cookbook.  However, the recipes are all so enticing.  I cooked four of them for this review.  They were outstanding!  The first recipe I tried was Cinnamon Meatball and Sweet Potato Soup.  Oh my goodness, this soup was amazingly delicious!  You will not believe how yummy this soup tastes.  I was hooked!  I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite soup ever!

cinnamon meatball sweet potato soup from the alternative autoimmune cookbook
Cinnamon Meatball Sweet Potato Soup|The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook

The second dish I cooked was Kale & Pineapple Breakfast Skillet.  Whoo wee, was this dish filled with flavor! I love a good skillet; and, this one definitely is one of my all time favorites!

kale and pineapple breakfast skillet from the alternative autoimmune cookbook
Kale & Pineapple Breakfast Skillet|The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook

My third dish was Twice Fried Plantains with Arugula Guacamole.  Yeah, you heard me right, Arugula Guacamole!  I could not stop eating these! I mean seriously, I kept dipping and popping them into my mouth.  I’ll be making my second batch tomorrow!

twice fried plantains with arugula guacamole from the alternative autoimmune cookbook
Twice Fried Plantains with Arugula Guacamole|The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook

And, for my fourth dish, I made Angie’s Carrot Cake Macaroons.  Y’all have got to try these! Fact is, I’ve just eaten two of these while writing this. Yep, right in my belly!  Just look at these little morsels of pure joy!

carrot cake macaroons from the alternative autoimmune cookbook
Carrot Cake Macaroons|The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook

There are so many other recipes from The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook I can’t wait to try.  I stuck to the elimination phase recipes; but, there are others for the different phases of reintroduction.  This cookbook grows with you, as your health improves.  It’s like I said before, The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook is invaluable!

Plus, you can get your copy as an ebook, here, or as a printed edition, here.  Or, just click on the photos below.

alternative autoimmune cookbook by angie alt

Print Copy:                                                          

Okay, so we promised you a giveaway! So here it is!  I’ll run this giveaway for one week only!  The winner will receive one ebook copy of The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook! Good luck!

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In closing, I’d just like to say that in this time of distrust and misinformation,  Angie’s voice is a welcomed, trustworthy breath of fresh air.  Her “real person” personality comes out in every page of The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook.  She is the honest, healing inspiration we are all looking for while we face our own struggles.

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  1. This books looks wonderful! I’m particularly interested in the information on food reintroductions and the lifestyle components of AIP. Thanks for highlighting some of the recipes!

  2. I’ve been doing AIP for 2 months and have hit a wall. I need some inspiration and new recipes to keep it interesting–Angie’s book would have both for me!

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