Paleo Life After The 21-Day Sugar Detox

Recipes in my Paleo Cajun Lady Cookbook- Coming Soon!
Recipes in my Paleo Cajun Lady Cookbook- Coming Soon!

I was sitting here, editing photos for my first cookbook, when I realized I hadn’t posted results from The 21-Day Sugar Detox.  Apparently, the days fly by when working on a project, like this cookbook.

I only lost one pound during this detox; but, I wasn’t trying to lose any weight.  In fact, I upped my fat intake this time, to ensure I wouldn’t lose.  As you can see, it’s hard not to lose some weight doing The 21-Day Sugar Detox.  You really have to try not to.

Since ending the detox, I’ve enjoyed a couple of cheat meals.  For me, cheat meals mean I go gluten free, instead of strict paleo.  Of course, I don’t eat any of the foods to which I’m allergic or can’t tolerate.

On Memorial Day, my husband and I ate at On the Border Mexican restaurant.  They actually have a pretty awesome allergen free menu.  If you look it up online, you can find dishes that are dairy free, corn free, tree nut free, and gluten/wheat free.  There was even a gluten free dessert, Flan, that was pretty tasty.  I ordered the Grilled Chicken and vegetables with Cilantro Lime rice.  The chicken was really good.  I ate a few bites of rice, without the corn  ( I’m not sure about their GMO policies).  I also did not eat the grilled peppers (nightshades).  It was really nice to be able to eat at a restaurant.

That night, I savored my gluten free Omission beer.  Ooh, did that taste great!  I don’t drink very often; but, when I do, I truly appreciate it.

And, I ate a hunk of my Coconut Pecan Bread Pudding.  I guess you could say, I really relished my first day off the detox diet.

The ever evolving paleo diet
The ever evolving paleo diet

Lately, I’ve noticed so many of the people I learned from, when I first went paleo, eating foods that are not traditionally paleo.  At first, I was a little taken aback by this.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I questioned my own rigidity on the paleo diet.  Was it me that was striving too much for perfection?  Well, since I do tend to be a perfectionist, I came to the conclusion that I was being too rigid.  The whole point of eating the paleo way is to bring us closer to foods in their natural state, to eat whole foods.  As the paleo diet evolves, we begin to add more foods to our diet.  Some have added rice or potatoes to their diets for extra carbs.  Others have added baking soda or powder to their baked goods.  Those foods are typically considered paleo friendly.  I will continue to evolve as well.  If I choose to have a little jasmine rice with my meal, I will.  Any diet that becomes too restrictive is not sustainable.  I will not judge you if you aren’t 100% paleo; because, neither am I.

Love life!

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