Holiday Stress-Reducing Tonic Recipe

Typically, during this time of year, I put out a post with a roundup of great holiday recipes. Well, there are a lot of food bloggers doing that already.  Instead, I decided to give you a recipe for my personal holiday stress-reducing tonic.  After all, many of us could sure use that, instead of another way to cook sweet potatoes.

Holiday Stress-Reducing Tonic Recipe by Tara Perillo
Holiday Stress-Reducing Tonic Recipe

In the real world, the holidays are often a stressful time for many of us.  We get caught up in a flurry of gift buying, food preparation, budgeting and goodness knows what else. Sometimes, we are forced to deal with toxic or negative family members, we try to avoid during the rest of the year.  There is not enough wine in the world to help you through a holiday meal with one of these people. LOL! Instead of reaching for the alcohol, give my holiday stress-reducing tonic a try.

Holiday Stress-Reducing Tonic Recipe

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 1 serving



  1. Add tincture drops to already steeped cup of herbal tea.
  2. Stir well.
  3. Add stevia or honey to taste.
  4. Stir.
  5. Sip tonic slowly.


*Begin with only 10 drops of Valerian Root. Increase by 2 drops at a time, if 10 drops are not sufficient. If sleepiness occurs, decrease dosage. Can also be used as a sleep aid, in dosages of 20 to 30 drops.

A few words of warning about my holiday stress-reducing tonic: (1) Only drink one cup, until you know the effects on your body. If you notice sleepiness, instead of calm, reduce the amount of Valerian root. (2) Don’t drive, until you know the effects on your body. Should you become sleepy, you don’t want to be behind the wheel of your car. (3) Don’t use more of any herb than I’ve directed. More is not always better when you’re taking herbs. Some can have negative effects in higher doses. (4) Drink your tonic about 20 to 30 minutes before stressful activities (or stressful people’s arrival), to give the tonic time to move into your bloodstream. Enjoy your zen!

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My Sickness To Fitness Quick Start Guide is not just a fitness guide.  There are tons of tips to help you reduce stress, get better sleep, and make batch cooking easier.  These are all tips we could use around holiday time.

I wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season. Remember to take lots of deep breaths, do a little yoga, and drink a cup of Holiday Stress-Reducing Tonic.

Tara Perillo

Welcome all. I am Tara Perillo, herbalist, homeopath, yoga and fitness instructor, and healthy foodie . After successfully reaching remission of my lupus symptoms, through changes in my diet, exercise, and lifestyle, I wrote the ebook, Sickness To Fitness Quick Start Guide. I am also honored to have my paleo and AIP recipes featured in Paleo Magazine, Paleo Living Magazine, Shape Magazine Online, 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts, The Paleo AIP Instant Pot Cookbook, and blogs by The Paleo Mom, Kris Kresser, Whole New Mom and many others. My focus is to help others become stronger in every facet of their lives. Join me to become stronger in health, mind, body, and spirit, together!

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