Introducing Mickey Trescott’s New AIP Batch Cook Program!

I am so excited to announce this new, amazing AIP Resource today….Mickey Trescott’s AIP Batch Cook Program!  AIP Batch Cook was designed to help y’all with the meal planning and cooking that comes with transitioning to the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).  Isn’t that exciting?  Finally, you can get the help you need in the kitchen, with Mickey Trescott holding your hand!

aip batch cook by mickey trescott
NEW AIP BATCH COOK by Mickey Trescott

Session 1, The Basics, starts today, April 15, 2015. During the first two weeks, Mickey will be offering her amazing AIP Batch Cook program for a special discounted price of only $47! After two weeks, the price will be increased to $67; so, get it now.

aip batch cook supplies
What you get when you sign up for AIP Batch Cook!

So, what’s included with each program?

AIP Batch Cook is a program that walks people through the planning and cooking of all of their meals for one week on the Autoimmune Protocol. Each session includes:
· A program guide walking users through what batch cooking is and how to use the materials properly

· A one-week meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the Autoimmune Protocol

· Two instructional videos walking users through the preparation of all of the food on the meal plan

· Shopping lists, chop lists, and tool lists that help them get organized for each batch-cooking session

· Video tutorials for making staples like bone broth, rendering their own solid cooking fat, and making their own kombucha

· Digital versions of every recipe and tutorial we cook together in the instructional videos

I seriously wish there was a program like this when I first started the AIP.  To have had Mickey Trescott in my kitchen to walk me through basics, like making bone broth and kombucha, would have made my transition so much easier.  It’s so thrilling to be able to offer this to you!  You can sign up for this revolutionary AIP Batch Cook program HERE, or through any of the links and photos in this post!

aip batch cook instructional videos
Instructional cooking videos included with AIP Batch Cook program

I’m already enjoying all the videos and resources from AIP Batch Cook.  Even though I’ve been at this whole AIP thang for awhile, I know there is always something I can learn.  Who better for me to learn from than Mickey Trescott, the author of one of my favorite AIP cookbooks, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook?  I’m completely blown away by the high quality of all of the materials included in my program!  I mean, to have everything at my fingertips like that, is just fantastic.

Mickey has left no stone unturned in putting together AIP Batch Cook.  She has thought of everything we need to create a delicious, time-saving, healthy menu for an entire week on the AIP.  Plus, you can access everything any time you want!

aip batch cook mickey trescott
Bring Mickey Trescott into your kitchen with you!

Honestly, whether you’re just thinking of starting the AIP, have just started the AIP, or have been following the AIP for awhile, you will love AIP Batch Cook. The autoimmune community has needed a program like AIP Batch Cook for a long time.  I’m so thankful for the innovative people, like Mickey Trescott, for listening to us, and creating these helpful resources for us! Thanks Mickey!

As always, I wish you good health……..and, good food!

get your aip batch cook program here
Get Your AIP Batch Cook Program Here!

*This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive compensation.  Thanks for your support of my blogging, here at Paleo Cajun Lady- Tara Perillo*


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