Alternative Medicine Clinical Studies- Truth or Trickery?

Alternative Medicine Clinical Studies- Truth or Trickery? by Tara Perillo
Alternative Medicine Clinical Studies- Truth or Trickery?

Every one of us has seen clinical study claims made by supplement companies, diet gurus, alternative health practitioners, food companies and pharmaceutical companies. How many of these alternative medicine clinical trial studies do you think are based on manipulated results?  Well, after you watch this video, you’ll know everything you need to know to see the truth or trickery.

Let’s go over a few things I discussed in my video:

  1. In order to have a valid scientific clinical trial study, it must be randomized, double blind, placebo controlled and with meta-analysis.
  2. The FDA does not oversee or regulate any alternative medicine  therapies, herbal supplements, vitamin supplements, or diet protocols. Your safety is at risk.
  3. Companies and alternative health practitioners may choose participants in their studies with any parameters they create. They may also cherry pick any information they choose from the study.
  4. Causation is very hard to prove.  It has only been scientifically proven in the case of cigarette smoking causing lung cancer. No other known substance is proven to cause any disease or illness. Just as, no known alternative health treatment, vitamin, mineral, or herb has been proven to prevent or heal any disease or illness.

Should you be interested in doing some further reading on clinical studies and alternative medicine, I recommend these books:

Hopefully, we can all get to a place where no one will be able to fool us into spending a small fortune on, and wasting so much of our precious time on, cures and remedies that simply don’t work. By arming ourselves with knowledge, we will never fall victim to another snake oil salesman again.

Tara Perillo

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