28 Days of AIP Ebook Review

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28 Days of AIP ebook by Christina Feindel of ACleanPlate.com

Today, I’m so excited to review 28 Days of AIP ebook, written by one of my favorite fellow bloggers in the AIP community, Christina Feindel of ACleanPlate.com.

There are many reasons why I believe 28 Days of AIP ebook would be beneficial for those of you new to AIP. This amazing ebook supplies you with a full 28 day meal planning schedule. It outlines every meal to be eaten, along with recipe links to each meal, when needed. Christina has also included handy, printable grocery lists for each week’s menus. Plus, if you need some AIP friendly treats during your transition, she has provided links to delicious recipes including “Chocolate” Cake, Cinnamon Raisin Soft Serve, and “Chocolate” Raspberry Pudding. By following the meal plans in 28 Days of AIP ebook, you’ll know that everything you’re eating is AIP approved. This ebook takes away all of the guesswork and stress that comes along with changing your diet to AIP.

Now, if you’re an AIP veteran, like me, you may think that you don’t need 28 Days of AIP ebook. Well, let me tell why I do think you need 28 Days of AIP ebook. If you’ve been doing AIP for a while, you may have become stagnant in your meal choices. I know sometimes it’s just easy to continually grab what’s familiar to us, and eat it because we know it’s AIP approved. But, admit it, that can get old. 28 Days of AIP ebook can get you out of that AIP rut.

28 Days of AIP includes 8 exclusive NEW recipes and links to over 40 featured recipes. One of those exclusive recipes is Liverwurst. The minute I saw the recipe, I knew it would be the first meal I would make. As many of you know, liver has become one of my favorite healing foods to eat.

liverwurst from 28 days of aip ebook 28 days of aip 28 Days of AIP Ebook Review photo 11 216x300
Liverwurst from 28 Days of AIP ebook

The recipe for Liverwurst was easy to follow and produce. My liverwurst patties were so flavorful! I immediately tossed one atop some greens and enjoyed it for my lunch. I stored a few in my fridge for quick meals, as I needed them. The rest, I froze for meals to be eaten in the next few weeks.

liverwurst patties from 28 days of aip 28 days of aip 28 Days of AIP Ebook Review photo 31 1024x576
Liverwurst patties from 28 Days of AIP

If liver is not your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of other recipes to choose from. Maybe you would prefer Moroccan Stew, or Spaghetti with Nomato Sauce. Or maybe, you’ve always wanted to make your own AIP Kimchi or Sauerkraut. Trust me, there are lots to choose from.

Oh, and did I mention, 28 Days of AIP provides you with helpful links to online resources where AIP staples can be purchased. That’s right, Christina has even taken the guesswork out of sourcing your AIP approved ingredients. How helpful is that?

So, whether you are new to AIP, or have been at it awhile, you can benefit from 28 Days of AIP. To get your copy, go to A Clean Plate. You won’t regret it!

For more information on Christina Feindel of A Clean Plate, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, where she hosts The Autoimmune Connection.

And, just so you know, I have not been paid or compensated financially to provide my review of 28 Days of AIP. I just simply believe it is a worthy and helpful resource for you.

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